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    With a PhD in Acupuncture and more than 36 years of experience, Dr Tan Bee Gawh (Chen Mei Er) is the trusted and preferred TCM Physician for many.

  • Everspring Medical Group brings you a team of committed and professionally certified physicians and therapists to provide trustworthy and professional services to our customers.

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Featured Products


Our wolfberries are organic and selectively sourced from Ningxia, China. Some of its health benefits include improving eyesight, strengthening the immune system, liver and kidney.

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Products for Joint Pain Relief

Our products for joint pains are formulated by Dr Tan Bee Gawh, to treat joint and muscle related problems due to excessive exercises, arthritis or rheumatism.

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Soup Packets

Our soup packets have recipes that are specially formulated by Dr Tan Bee Gawh, and are suitable for families of different age groups. Available in three different flavours.

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Assorted Dried Herbs

Our assorted dried herbs are selectively sourced by our staff personally. Most of our herbs can also be bought in powder form, requested over the counter at the clinic.

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Our Services


Acupuncture helps to promote healing through the restoration of qi in the meridians. It is very effective against a wide range of illness such as pain management, insomnia, tinnitus, weight management etc.

Orthopedics Traumatology

Various TCM techniques such as cupping, acupuncture and diet advices can be applied to treat bone, ligament or muscle injuries, improve blood circulation and strengthens ligaments and bones.

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage can help to improve a child’s digestive and respiratory system, preventing him/her from falling sick too easily. It is most suitable for children under the age of five.

Press-stroking & Cupping

Cupping and press-stroking have been found to improve microcirculation local to the treated area. This can help to reduce pain and ache in the muscles.