Ginseng 人参

Our ginseng is sourced from the Changbai Mountains, China. Ginseng is widely known for their many health benfits, some of which includes enhancing the memory, boosting the immune system and aiding in the treatment of cardiovascular related problems. Other benefits of ginseng include enhancing vitality as well as its anti-aging properties.


Status: Available

Preparation Methods

Can be used in herbal soups, with lean pork meat or chicken as a base.

Can also be taken in powder form. (Request from clinic counter)


Ways to prepare Ginseng 人参的食疗

1. Steamed 蒸服:
Slice Ginseng and soak overnight in an appropriate amount of cold water. Double-boil for an hour with red dates.
人参切碑,放适量冷水中浸一 晚,第二天加红枣,隔水蒸一 小时,服用。

2. Double-boiled with chicken 施服:
Soak Ginseng in some water for a few hours. Bring it to the boil, lower the heat and simmer for an hour. After that, double-boil it with chicken.
人参先用水浸泡数小时,煮沸 后,用慢火煎一小时,可与鸡 肉炖服。

3. In powder form 吞服:
Slice the Ginseng and ground it into powder. Gulp it down with some water.

4. Chewed raw 嚼服:
Slice the Ginseng and chew it raw.

5. Made Ginseng in a wine 浸酒:
Soak Ginseng in white rice wine.