Pain Relief Patches


$5.00 (5 pieces)

$10.00 (10 pieces)

Our pain relief patches helps to ease movement of limbs and relieve pains by improving blood circulation. Formulated by Dr Tan Bee Gawh, these patches are highly elastic to cater to daily activites of the user, while providing a lasting effect with an effective and soothing medication. These patches are most suitable for people with strained, tired or aching muscles due to vigorous or excessive exercise, or the elderly with joint or backaches. Each piece of pain relief patch measures 11cm X 16cm. For external use only.

Status: Available


Not advisable for pregnant women.

Do not apply on infected skin with open wounds or pus formation.

Remove plaster immediately if itchiness or pain occur, and try to reapply after a few days. Do not continue if pain persists.

Use a dry towel to clean the area thoroughly before application.

Store the packet in a cool and dry place.