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Dr. Tan Bee Gawh Chinese Nourishing Food Series

In today’s stressful and hectic pace of life, most people are swayed by convenience, not putting much thought in the food that they eat and how it may affect their health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always supported the adage that “Prevention is better than cure” as a golden rule in order to maintain a healthy holistic lifestyle. Longevity is only valuable if it’s blessed with good health. Longevity and good healthy can be attained with good sleeping habits, a balanced diet, a healthy constitution and regular exercise. It’s also important to note that the basic nutritional needs of each individual vary according to one’s age group, thus by adopting a habit of watching one’s daily intakes of food and drinks, will bring long term physical and psychological advantages that will add up to a longer, healthier life.

我们的生活、工作和学习都十分紧张 常常随随便便吃一点食物填饱肚子 而忽略了饮食的健康。中医对健康的 管理是 “ 未病先防, 已病早治, 既 病防变, 愈后防复”。

我们的生命长寿而不健康是十分痛苦! 反之健康而不能长寿是太可惜! 健康又长寿才是最幸福。健康 又长寿的基础是;“充足的睡眠、 均衡的饮食、健全的心理和适 当的运动”。可见饮食对健康的 影响是不可忽视的!而且在不 同的年龄也有不同的饮食 调补方法。

Tonic for Growing Teenagers
Fair Lady Tonic
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Nourishment and Rejuvenation Tonic
Mind Nourishing Tonic
Tonic for Strong Bones and Joints

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