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Dr. Tan Bee Gawh Chinese Nourishing Food Series

Tonic for Growing Teenagers 益智助长汤

  • 补气活血 增体壮实
  • 促进血循环 助成长发育


  • 蛹虫草,西洋参,田七,
  • 枸杞子,特制汤料。

制作 :

  • 全鸡 1只或瘦肉适量和调味盐少许。
  1. 鸡或瘦肉洗净。
  2. 药材调理包、和鸡或瘦肉一起置入砂锅或炖盅中。
  3. 注入800ml 沸水,慢火炖上2至4小时。
  4. 调味即可饮汤食料。


  • Boosting blood circulation and
  • improves muscle and tissue

Ingredients (special soup pack):

  • Cordyceps Militaris, American Ginseng, Sanchi Root,
  • Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Special Soup Ingredients.

Cooking process:

  • 1 whole Chicken or a portion of Lean Meat and pinch of Salt.
  1. Rinse the chicken or lean meat with water
  2. Place chicken or lean meat and special soup pack in a pot or slow cooker
  3. Add 800ml of hot water and slow cook for 2 to 4 hours
  4. Add salt to taste

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