Frequently Asked Questions



Q1. We love Dr Tan’s Food Recipes! Can you put them on the website?

Yes! We are compiling some of Dr Tan’s past recipes and will be putting it up on the website, free of charge! You can find it at our RECIPES page soon. Please check back for updates!

Q2. I am lost! How do I get to the clinic from the nearest MRT station?

For a detailed direction guide, you can refer to our DIRECTION GUIDE. If you are still having trouble finding the place, you can call the clinic at 6256 8774.

Q3. What is cervical spondylosis?

Changes in curvature of the human cervical vertebrae (see footnote) , deterioration of the intervertebral discs, joints and surrounding tissues affect the nerve around the neck, backbone and arteries, causing problems around that region. Since 1948, the term “cervical spondylosis” was adopted internationally to describe this condition.


It is the long-term damage caused by certain physical work, past injuries, a birth condition or it may have developed from health problems associated with aging. It tends to strike people above 40 years old. It may be caused by years of working with the head bent, as in deskwork, or the long-term effect of watching too much television.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Pain in the neck, shoulders and upper part of the back, headache and giddiness, numbness in the arms.
Stiffness of the neck , pain around the shoulder blade, weakness in arm muscles and shrinking of the arm muscles.
Positive results from Traction tests and tests involving the head bent forward are indications of cervical spondylosis.
X-rays taken of various views of the cervical vertebrae can show up indications of this condition.

Some of the indications are:

– Calcifying of the ligaments
– Neural canals that are smaller than usual
– Decrease in the gaps between each cervical vertebra
– A straightening of the curvature of the cervical vertebrae

Q4. What are the available products by Everspring Medical?

You can find our products listed in the PRODUCTS page. They can be purchased over the counter at our clinic and is subjected to availability. Please give us a call at 62568774 to check before making a trip down.